What people have told us

“A great course, very well delivered/led/taught. The facilitators were organised, supportive and very inclusive. We were a varied group of people and they were very aware of including everyone and making this material accessible for every member of the group.

The facilitators managed very competently that sometimes difficult balance of being part of the group, sharing their experiences too - whilst also ‘holding’ the group really well.

Enough time was spent making sure trust was built up in the group. I felt safe and comfortable to work in the group knowing we had all agreed how we would work together. Really clear instructions were given so I knew what I was being asked to do and why. The activities were varied and well paced, which meant I was kept interested, alert and comfortable. The sessions were designed around what we as a group wanted and needed which was great.”

“If you are thinking of joining an AVP course, you are probably doubting whether it could be any good? I have to give up my free time! I’ll attend if I have to, but it will do me no good. It will be a complete effing waste of time. These were some of the attitudes people came with on my course, five years ago. Me? I knew I needed help.My depression was crippling me, my self-worth was at rock bottom and I knew I would end up in prison - for a long time. I did the course, it was hard work but I made some great friends and everybody helped each other out. You have to look really hard at yourself and your attitudes to be able to change, but it’s worth it!

Before, I would panic if I was somewhere busy, thinking if someone banged into me, even just accidentally, I would want to punish them. Now I am calmer, kinder and a much better person. I am nothing special and anyone can change to better themselves.
I would urge anyone to do a course with AVP, as I did.

AVP totally changed me, I am pleased to say. I am no longer angry and also practice Buddhist meditation. Life isn’t easy but I can manage it far better than I used to.”