The People of AVPB


Baroness Vivien Stern, CBE, Crossbench Peer House of Lords

Tim Newell, Former Governor of Grendon and Spring Hill prisons, restorative justice practitioner, consultant and author


Co-Chair: Marie Walsh

With a background in teaching, community development work and credit union, Marie trained as a community mediator in 2000 and worked with Newport Mediation for six years, mediating neighbour disputes and training volunteer mediators.  She volunteered during 2006-7 at the Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, where she also completed the Part 1 Requirements of the Mediators’ Institute Ireland.  On returning to Wales, she worked briefly as an advocate for people with learning difficulties and as a foster carer.

Between 2008 and 2016, Marie trained in Non-Violent Communication and helped to run NVC practice groups, discovering AVP and attending her first AVP workshop in 2014.  She trained as an AVP facilitator in 2015 and co-facilitated community workshops in Cardiff.  On moving away from Wales in 2018, Marie became a trustee for AVP Britain.

Co-Chair: Stephen Charman 
Company Secretary / Interim Treasurer / Trustee: Colin Mallinson 

Colin has been a Director/Trustee of AVP Britain for over four years. An excellent organiser, Colin further has broad experience in a range of key administrative responsibilities including Health and Safety, recruitment, disciplinary protocols, and more. Colin further has an extensive collection of volunteer roles behind him, including as Magistrate, School Governor, and various committee Chair roles.

Trustee: Sasha Dzhuras

Sasha has over 14 years of experience in Executive Director roles, along with third sector experience. An expert in the creation of effective campaigns blending traditional and digital media, Sasha brings strategic and operational experience in brand development, marketing, customer engagement, and business turnarounds.

Sasha has a strong passion for putting the customer first, and is known for her willingness to ask tough questions and her ability to quickly pinpoint key issues so has to uncover and address root causes of business issues.

Trustee: Robin Marshall

As a former business consultant, Robin has gained significant experience in the fields of change management, service outsourcing, systems development, and procurement, including the execution of high-profile audits of public sector processes. Robin’s third sector experience include over 15 years in governance roles such as Treasurer, Chair, and pro-bono consultant to a West London mediation service. Robin has also served as a volunteer mediator for over 14 years, and demonstrates a passionate interest in the theory and practice of alternative dispute resolution and regular casework in community disputes.

Trustee: Catherine Potvin

Catherine is a licensed teacher and a trained development/humanitarian worker. Throughout her career in the third sector, Catherine has worked for a range of non-profit and private sector organisations both in and off the field in over 10 international locations.  A business development specialist, Catherine also runs a small writing company, helping students and junior professionals to enter the world of freelance development and charitable work.

A specialist in migration and intercultural relations, Catherine strongly believes in AVP Britain’s approach to conflict prevention and self-understanding, and the way in which personal beliefs can alter the way we see and interact with ourselves and the world around us.

Trustee: Tarrill Baker 

A qualified chartered accountant with more than 20 years experience in data insight, change, and programme management, Tarrill enjoys applying these skills in both the private and third sector. She is a Director for a number of community focused organisations.

Tarrill spent a year volunteering for our Facing Up to Conflict Distance Learning Course, and was so impressed with the difference the course makes to people’s lives that she wanted to further support AVP Britain by joining the board of Trustees.