Our approach

We believe that change is always possible. Those who attend AVP workshops usually do so because they have reached a point where they want to make changes in their lives.

During the workshop/course everyone is valued equally. The exercises are designed to reinforce feelings of self-worth and to encourage working together to solve problems. This is done in small and large groups. The activities are varied so that the participants can learn in different ways and from each other.

We believe that the best way of learning is by experience; some of the tasks provide the opportunity to practise different ways of understanding and dealing with anger and violence.

Transforming power

Transforming Power is a key AVP concept. This idea stems from a belief that it is possible to turn things around by tapping into an inner strength. By believing in the goodness in our heart and in the heart of the other person and by looking for new ways to solve problems, other than resorting to violence, we are able to access a powerful force within us which can change the way we view life, and the way others see us. We can look for a win-win solution, and see things from another person’s perspective, instead of ‘throwing the first punch or speaking without thinking first.