Work in prisons


AVP Scotland continues to deliver 6 workshops a year in HMP Addiewell, in West Lothian. AVP Scotland is recognised in the prison as a reliable and effective partner, delivering high quality workshops.
Now in its 5th year, the programme of Level 1 and Level 2 workshops is fully embedded in the range of courses offered through the Prison’s Programmes Department. Generally there are 18 people signed up for each Level 1 workshop and there is a waiting list. Between 12 and 14 of those signed up attend the workshops, with a completion rate of between 10 and 12.

Paul’s Story

Paul took part in our workshops while in Addiewell Prison. Paul is one of our newly trained facilitators and has shared his reasons for volunteering with AVP Scotland. As an ex-offender with a violent background he had struggled with conflict – both in prison and outside. Paul’s story is sadly typical of many people who want to change, he’d attended various courses and tried hard to stay away from trouble, but it was only after attending our workshops that he found the tools that really helped him.
After his release Paul was able to move away from his previous lifestyle and to take responsibility for communicating his needs appropriately. He recognised that how people interact with each other – the tone of voice they use or body language they display – was actually the ‘tip of the iceberg’, and so he was more able to step aside from conflict rather than engage with it. He’s become more observant of people’s behaviour and so become more tolerant of them. This change in Paul has not gone unnoticed! He’s had very positive feedback from his friends and he is making progress in resolving the conflict in his own family.