Due to the coronavirus restrictions, we have moved our Facing up to Conflict workshops online. The Distance Learning Programme continues as normal.

What we do

Problem solving exercise - Ashton, Tameside
Problem solving exercise - Ashton, Tameside

We run workshops in the community and in prisons to help people to face up to conflict in their lives.

AVP workshops are not lectures. Participants are guided by trained facilitators and learn from one another through group activities, discussion and role-play, drawing on real-life situations where conflict might happen, exploring different ways to handle them. Workshop exercises gradually develop skills in relating to others and finding practical, nonviolent ways of resolving conflict.

“I think when the course finishes people will find they have a different outlook on life. Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself.”

We run two levels of Facing Up To Conflict workshops:

Level One - A fun, interactive, online workshop, where you will learn how to make friends with conflict and communicate better. You will develop the skills you need to; face up to conflict, build better relationship, understand and believe in yourself, respecting others, communicate well, and manage strong feelings like anger.

Level Two – A fun, interactive and online workshop, where you will connect on a deeper level, exploring conflict, nonviolence and relationships in more depth while building on the skills developed in a Level One workshop. Usually the participants cooperate to choose the focus of the work in a Level Two workshop.

If you are interested, see the list of upcoming workshops.

“AVP was to be my turning point. There was no right answer – nor wrong ones. What pleased me more was that other people could see the changes I was making.” Prison workshop participant

Where we are

Our main office is in London, and we run workshops across Britain.

The Brick Yard (formerly called the Grayston Centre)
28 Charles Square
N1 6HT

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