What happens at a workshop?

AVP workshops/courses are not lectures. Participants learn from one another through group activities, discussion and role-play, drawing on real-life situations where conflict might happen and exploring different ways to handle them.

When people come to workshops they sometimes feel nervous as they do not know what to expect. By the end most will feel positive as they will have learnt new ways of communicating and cooperating with others as well as finding strategies for handling conflict more skillfully.

Building Blocks

Workshops are organised around the ideas below which we call Building Blocks. These are:

A lot of the learning happens through humour, and through sharing experiences with the other participants, who are present because they want to make changes in their lives. They want to find alternative ways of handling anger and violent behaviour or communicating better with the important people in their lives.
Many people find that they have learned new things about themselves, and they leave feeling positive with a sense of themselves and their value, with practical things to try when faced with conflict in their lives.

Where do participants come from?

Participants are drawn from all walks of life. What links them is the desire to make changes in the way they handle conflict. They attend for different reasons:

• They may be referred by a social worker or probation officer

• They may have heard about AVP from their GP

• They may be experiencing difficulties in their relationship

• with their partner or child. (Couples are not encouraged to attend the same workshop with their partner. Similarly an adult child would be discouraged from attending the same workshop as their parent or guardian.)

• They may wish to make changes in their lives, for example, after the breakdown in a relationship or following release from prison.

• They may wish to understand more about how they respond to conflict and to explore ways of changing old habits

“I usually walk away from workshops - here I have stayed”